Facebook’s main developer conference, Oculus Connect 6, will include augmented reality at the event, according to an invite from the company.

As pointed out by Mike from VR Oasis, the invite email mentions that Oculus Connect 6 will include virtual and augmented reality, a step beyond VR.

Oculus has shown no plans that they are focusing on augmented reality, and this is the first indication that the company will be showing anything of the sort.


Oculus’ parent company, Facebook, has been dabbling with AR for some time, via its messaging apps and the rumours of their AR glasses coming along the way. It may be possible that the release of the glasses will come under the Oculus label, as part of a wider immersive reality brand.

This fits with the rumours that Facebook will be pushing out glasses in 2020, and it may now be possible that they will be branded as Oculus when they release. This is all conjecture though, so we shall see.


Tom Ffiske

Editor, Virtual Perceptions

Tom Ffiske specialises in writing about VR, AR, and MR across the immersive reality industry. Tom is based in London. 

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