The Immersive Perspective Awards is the annual awards event from Virtual Perceptions. They celebrate the very best of VR, AR, and MR in the industry, from major companies to smaller start-ups.

The awards this year will be split into two areas. The first is the Editor’s Choice Awards, which will profile the favourites of the year. This will require no submission, and the winners will be approached to sort the deliver of their award.

The second is the official Immersive Perspective Awards across various categories. Submission will be required.

All nominees and winners will receive certificates for their accomplishments:

Note: The design of the certificate is subject to change.

There are no costs for submitting for an award, to lower the barriers of entry as much as possible for any upcoming companies who should be recognised. Nominees and winners have the chance to give a voluntary donation to help keep the site running if they wish to help.

The categories are as follows:

Editor’s Choice Awards

These awards are granted to companies that made an impression to the editor of Virtual Perceptions over the last year. They could have plucked the heartstrings, made an impact, or done some social good; for whatever reason, the company and/or project should be celebrated for its activities.

These awards will be given without submission required, and the editor will approach them to grant them their award. Ten will be awarded in total. Winners of the Editor’s Choice awards can still win an Immersive Perspective Award as well.

Immersive Perspective Awards

These are the main Immersive Perspective Awards. Covering a range of categories, they will highlight the very best of the industry.

The categories are as follows:

Pioneer of Immersive Reality

The award celebrates individuals who made a great impact on the industry, in any way. From healthcare to filmmaking to engineering, the award celebrates the diversity and talent of the industry. Virtual Perceptions will select ten winners, without a nominee stage.

Immersive Healthcare of the Year

This award celebrates those using VR, AR, or MR to improve the health of others, whether through cognitive therapy or training professionals.

Immersive Education of the Year

Studies revealed how immersive reality can improve learning. This award celebrates the smart use of immersive technology for educational purposes.

Immersive Marketing of the Year

With new technology comes new ways of engaging audiences, and VR marketing has grown quickly over the last few years. With all sorts of ways to approach companies, the award celebrates the campaigns that made a difference.

Immersive Film of the Year

The award celebrates the film which use the technology to push forward cinematic storytelling.

Immersive Game of the Year

Immersive gaming is a new way to interact and play. Manipulating the world with your hands and controllers provides a new experience to the player – one which reshapes the rules of game design. This award celebrates the best of immersive gaming.

Journalist of the Year

Whether it may be investigations into companies or pushing consistently good content, the award celebrates the people who inform the community.

Company of the Year

This category celebrates impact. There are many companies who work in the industry, though a few make a permanent dent which everyone in their particular industry notices. And sometimes, you do not need to be the biggest company to make a difference.


Here are some commonly asked questions:

What is the timeline for the awards?

  • 28 October – Deadline for submitting awards for the Immersive Perspective Awards
  • 11 November – Editor’s Choice Awards revealed, and nominees for the Immersive Perspective Awards revealed
  • 18 November – Winners of the Immersive Perspective Awards revealed

What will the nominees or winners receive?

  • A certificate of their accomplishment sent via the post
  • A transparent logo of the award which can be used for their website
  • A custom logo which highlights what award they were nominated for or won

How do I submit for an award?

  1. Follow the steps in the form here to submit an award. If you wish to submit for multiple awards, please fill the form once for one award, and again for a second award.
  2. Once submitted, the editor will approach them to let them know if they are nominated.

Is there a fee for submitting for the awards?

There is no fee for submitting for the awards. There is a voluntary donation opportunity for any company that wins or is nominated if they wish to help keep Virtual Perceptions running for another year. Donations would be used towards the upkeeping of the site and its related costs.

How will I get the certificate?

Once the winners are announced, the nominees and winners will have their certificates sent via post. If they wish to tweak the name on the certificate for any reason, please contact the editor at tom (at)

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

If you have any questions, please contact tom (at)