The Oculus Quest has over 50 titles, from the swiping fun of Beat Saber, to the punching finesse of Creed. All the titles are available in a tightly curated store, prioritising quality over quantity. Prices also range, from the cost of coffee to a full-priced gaming experience. But what free Oculus Quest games will be available as soon as someone turns on the headset? What experiences can people play right out of the box, without paying for the games?

While most titles are simply demos of the full experience, they still offer bite-sized fun for users. Oculus revealed some, and Virtual Perceptions compiled a list of everything available on the VR headset.

Beat Saber (Demo)

One of the best VR games available, Beat Saber is a rhythm game with a twist. Instead of stomping feet on the floor in time with songs, players swipe lightsabers to slash blocks that cascade in their direction.

The game received rave reviews across the internet and has a cult following of its own. It is also one of the few VR games to gain massive mainstream appeal, with Brie Larson playing on live TV. The reasons why are clear; Beat Saber is an engaging, powerful experience which players remember long afterwards. With tight controls and engaging gameplay, the game deserves the top of the charts.

The only caveat is that the Oculus Quest version does not import new songs, like in its Oculus Rift S counterpart. It is also a demo, so it is a very small portion of the full game. But that is an issue for the full experience, not the demo available for everyone. It is well worth the short experience.

Beat Saber
Slash away. Photo credit: Beat Saber.

Journey of the Gods (Demo)

Ever been a fan of the Legend of Zelda? Imagine that, but with VR and in first-person. Quest around an area deflecting monsters, swinging sorts, and collecting upgrades for your character. Wander around, kill enemies with sword and arrows, and level up your character. The game even features some puzzles to solve as well.

The demo features a smaller version of the tutorial level and the first boss fight. If it scratches your adventuring itch, the full game is available as well.

Space Pirate Trainer (Demo)

Sometimes, an arena arcade to shoot down robots scratches a particular itch. Space Pirate Trainer lets players blast away enemies and rack up a high score, sweeping away enemies with dual weapons. Visually the game is a blast as well.

The music pumps the players along with some deep bass, which works well with the gameplay. Similar to Superhot VR it is a great game for short bursts of fun.

The demo is just the first wave and boss, though it provides enough of an experience for an informed purchase decision.

Space Pirate Trainer
Blast away! Photo credit: Space Pirate Trainer.

Creed: Rise to Glory (Demo)

Feel like punching some people in the ring? Uppercutting through foes as you fling fists to save your skin? Creed: Rise to Glory pits people in an arena and lets them roll through several rounds, until hopefully becoming the winner.

The full game balances between mini-games and a campaign. Together, they provide a fun little package for a quick dip. However, the Quest tracking software is not as good as it should be, losing sight of the fists as they fly. This is a massive issue for those who like to do quick flurries.

The demo is also concise, with just one challenger available. Even for a demo, it feels stringent. But for a quick experience, it is acceptable.

Raise your fists and fight. Photo credit: Creed: Rise to Glory.

Sports Scramble (Demo)

For fans of realistic sports games, this one is not for you. Sports Scramble embraces the weirdness of mixing equipment to make unique experiences. Want to bat away footballs? Why not. Mix up bowling, tennis, and baseball to your specifications, and let it fly.

Best of all, the game is designed for the Oculus Quest, meaning it runs smooth as butter. Have fun!

Sports Scramble
Play one of the best free Oculus Quest demos available. Photo credit: Sports Scramble.

What are the best free Oculus Quest games?

This fully depends on what the player wants with their Oculus Quest. A fan of sports? Then Sports Scramble is a good bit of fun with friends. What about something more physical? Creed: Rise to Glory would scratch that particular itch. What about something more exploratory and expansive? Journey of the Gods is practically designed for Zelda fans.

But ultimately, some people want to play ‘that’ demo, which brings out the headset. For that, Beat Saber is one of the best free Oculus Quest games at launch, at least as a demo. It ignited interest in the industry for excellent reasons, and it can bring joy to newcomers as well. Just make sure they’re wearing straps around their wrists so that controllers do not start flying everywhere.


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