Virtual Perceptions is a leading UK-based website highlighting the new and exciting trends and companies in Immersive Reality (VR, AR, MR). The site is handled by Tom Ffiske.

Companies like Oculus, HTC, and Google are diving into the industry with new headsets and software, heavily investing in the industry to nurture the ecosystem. While immersive technologies have a gaming dimension, the technology also brings new perspectives in other areas. too. Movies, healthcare, and education all stand to make massive gains in the years to come. This website aims to profile these trends as well. 

The VR industry is booming with new and interesting tech, and it is important to meet the new and exciting companies which will make an impact in the industry, as well as hear their thoughts and opinions to share them on this website. This is a home for these ideas – a place where these thoughts come together and push forward the best and brightest working in Immersive Reality.


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